The bubbly pot with the matte finish is of course still in the
range, but here for the first time: IN DUST!

Just as obvious this pot is for DBKD, it is for the design interested. Ever since 2015, when designer Hanna Wessman gave shape to Cloudy for DBKD, the pot has been used extensively all over the world. It is easy to like with its characteristic shape and stand out design and is suitable for both plants, spices and flowers. Cloudy comes in four sizes and is available since earlier in several colors.

Cloudy dust will be available in stores in August.

Recommended prices: Big: 1 149 SEK • Medium: 799 SEK • Small: 399 SEK • Mini: 199 SEK

Sizes: Big: Ø33 cm / high 35 cm • Medium: Ø30 cm / high 25 cm • Small: Ø21 cm / high 18 cm • Mini: Ø15 cm / high 13cm