Let’s give a warm welcome to the new family member! Let us introduce you to Stripe.

Stripe is a serie of pots and vases in ceramics with a striped surface that matches the Advent candleholder which fits every kitchen table around the world – regardless you celebrate Advent or not.

It is launched as pots in two sizes, a vase and a candle holder. All items comes in shiny white and sandy mole. And as an extra bonus, we made the vase in our beloved color ocra!

Stripe has been designed with inspiration from the thousand year old columns from the Greek Athens. The traditional design and the modern surface, we promise Stripe will fit into each persons home.

Stripe will be available in stores in the end of August.

Recommended price: Pot large: 359 SEK • Pot small: 299 SEK • Vase: 199 SEK • Candle: 299 SEK

Sizes: Pot large: Ø12 cm / high 22 cm • Pot small: Ø12 cm / high 18 cm • Vase: Ø8 cm (11 cm) / high 22 cm • Candle: 30x10 cm / high 7 cm