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Down to earth. That’s how we want our design to be, but it’s also how we want to be. With focus on design, quality and inspiration – DBKD has created modern classics since 2012 in the middle of the Swedish countryside. We design pots, vases and sculptures with a Scandinavian touch. We want them to look and feel nice in your home, year after year.


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  • Cloudy dust

    Cloudy dust The bubbly pot with the matte finish is of course still in the
    range, but here for the first time: IN DUST! Just as obvious
    this pot is for DBKD, it is for the design interested.

    Ever since 2015, when designer Hanna Wessman gave shape
    to Cloudy for DBKD, the pot has been used extensively all
    over the world. It is easy to like with its characteristic shape
    and stand out design and is suitable for both plants, spices
    and flowers.

    Cloudy comes in four sizes and is available since earlier in
    several colors.

  • Stripe

    Stripe Let’s give a warm welcome to the new family member! Let us
    introduce you to Stripe.

    Stripe is a serie of pots and vases in ceramics with a striped
    surface that matches the Advent candleholder which fits every
    kitchen table around the world – regardless you celebrate
    Advent or not.

    It is launched as pots in two sizes, a vase and a candle holder.
    All items comes in shiny white and sandy mole. And as an extra
    bonus, we made the vase in our beloved color ocra!

    Stripe has been designed with inspiration from the thousand
    year old columns from the Greek Athens. The traditional
    design and the modern surface, we promise Stripe will fit into
    each person's home.

  • Airy

    Airy A serie all in irregular glass that is perfect for all the small flowers and straws. Put many together for a massive expression, and combine with the pots and put candles in them – you have got yourself a table setting to remember!

  • Paper flake

    Paper flakes Paper flake is a paper decoration in the shape of a snowflake/flower. Hang it in the Christmas tree or in a window during the winter months (or let them stay the whole year). The decoration is available in different sizes which are nice to combine.

  • Fill me up

    Fill me up A candle-holder in a soft asymmetrical shape. Fill the Advent
    candlestick with, for example, moss, cones or nuts. The candle
    cup design has been refined from the previous year to fit as many
    candles as possible. New for this year is that it also comes in a
    smaller size, with two candles!

    Come in the sizes small & large and in the colors; shiny white, shiny mole and cast iron.

  • Out Stripe pot

    Out Stripe pot The new outdoor pots Out Stripe come in the colors brown, black and light grey. Sold in three sizes; small, medium and large.

    Out Stripe also has a rubber plug in the bottom like our existing Out pots to drain if you use it outdoors. These news are nicely combined with our smooth Out. The pots are made of metal and have a nice pleated surface.

  • DBKD inspo

    DBKD inspo Do as we do, place lots of different pots to create your own little jungle. You will find more inspiration in our catalog AW21.

  • Rope dust

    Rope dust Let's present one of our news a little closer: Rope now comes in our popular color dust! It feels obvious as a new color in the Rope family as dust is a rich brown color with an incredibly fine finish. Also keep an eye out for more news in this color.

    Rope is a nice vase that fits into the modern home. Equally pleasing to the eye with a few straws in, or simply as it is. Comes in the sizes small, medium and large.


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