Ada the adorning flower dish -  another spring launch. 

ADA is the traditional name for 'Adornment'. And is there anything more adorning than flowers in bloom or an abundance of fresh herbs? 

Bergs Potter are proud to introduce ADA. The wheel-thrown dish that complements every possible shade of floral adornment.

With its soft organic shape, the ADA dish is the perfect base for herbs and flower bulbs, encouraging you to create a fragrant centrepiece off 

freshly grown herbs for a beautiful table setting.

The dish is specially moulded to appeal to all our senses with nature's own ornaments and aromas. 

Because it comes with a saucer, ADA makes the ideal botanical decoration for any table, and it also works wonderfully as a pleasant seasonal decoration for the console in the entryway.

ADA is able to hold both uncontrolled wildness and organic elegance - all at the same time. 
Available in two colours, rosa and grey, and five sizes (Ø): 25 cm, 30 cm, 35 cm, 40 cm and 45 cm.