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Product areas

  • Mässkarta 2018

    Formex is divided into different product areas. We have listed below the products that will be on the exhibition in each of the halls.



    The ADDING area is the gathering point for exhibitors with products that add a little something extra to interior design elements or clothing. It offers a wealth of both form and function. From seasonal products like flip flops and tunics for the shop by the sea, rubber boots for the pop-up shop at the festival, or a comfy shawl to drape over the shoulders on a chilly day at home. ADDING attracts buyers for interior design shops that are looking to add a little something extra to their assortment.

    Product examples within ADDING: fashion, accessories, lifestyle products, interior design Products


    HALL A

    Formex’s new area, DINING, gives exhibitors the opportunity to present to both buyers and visitors all the wonders on offer to enhance the experience in and around the set table. DINING embraces the whole – from preparation to serving, from everyday life to festive occasions. Lifestyle is supplemented with high-quality, delectable flavors chosen with care.

    Product examples with DINING: glass and porcelain, kitchenware, table and kitchen textiles, bar and drink accessories, knives, baking, ceramics, cutlery, bowls, food crafts and gourmet gifts.


    HALL A

    The term is an established, international benchmark in design and interior. The SCANDINAVIAN LIVING area unites brands and products that have Nordic form and material selections as a common denominator. Together, they make the expo a destination for visitors who want to experience the quality and atmosphere that are defining characteristics of the Scandinavian lifestyle.

    Product examples within SCANDINAVIAN LIVING: interior concepts, home design with Scandinavian expression in focus.


    HALL A

    The new area GIVING opens the doors for exhibitors who want to reach visitors and buyers interested in gifts for every occasion life has to offer. In a world where most gift recipients are in need of very little, the thought behind the gift and its presentation become critical factors. Smart gifts, Swedish handicrafts, carefully selected items and more fall under the category GIVING. Creative and stylish packaging match content that is chosen with care and is appreciated by both people and favorite pets.

    Product examples within GIVING: designer gifts, carefully selected items and smart objects, products and gifts, products for children, handicrafts, souvenirs, cards, paper and packaging.


    HALL B

    It is here you will find the buyer who values the decorative elements in our surroundings and knows that it is these objects that define and create the room's atmosphere. The DECORATIVE LIVING area presents interior design elements and objects that enhance and adorn, side-by-side with plants as interior accessories – whether living or in the form of modern faux botanicals.

    Product examples within DECORATIVE LIVING: a wide range of interior design products that create atmosphere, plants, pots, and flower arranging accessories.


    HALL C

    Formex is a natural platform for the designers of tomorrow. The UPCOMING area presents selected talents in “Design Talents”.Companies early in the establishment phase are found in “Next Step”. The UPCOMING area also gives visitors the opportunity to see exciting projects from schools and associations working with design. Everything is gathered under the same roof to create the best conditions possible for the rising stars of tomorrow.

    Subareas: Design Talents, Next Step, Schools and Projects.


    HALL C

    The new area WELLBEING focuses on a growing lifestyle where people make conscious product choices that promote spiritual balance. Genuine products that appeal to the senses, with a focus on well-being and an appreciation of aesthetics. WELL-BEING offers everything from fragrances for well-being to designed training products that give energy for meeting the challenges of an intensive day-to-day life.

    Product examples within WELLBEING: room fragrances, soaps, materials that appeal to the senses, tools and products for exercise and well-being


    HALL C

    For every corner of your home and special occasions. Here we gathered a wide selection of interior designs as well as souvenirs, gifts and novelty items.


    HALL C

    For colourful spaces – both outside and inside. Everything you need for a lusher place.


    HALL C

    An area with taste. A large assortment of edible and tasteful products perfect for gifting.


    HALL C

    It’s all about paper and packaging. Everything for the store, office, hobbies and crafts.


    HALL C

    For kids of all ages. Find the soft, hard, funny and innovative products that both kids and their parents want.



    Designed products for our pets and objects for today's lifestyle consumer.