Digitalt föredrag: Post-Covid Consumption - Pejgruppen

The pandemic has changed nearly every aspect of our daily lives, and consumer spending is no exception. During the lock down, spending went down across all industries and as a consequence the entire Experience Economy was halted and focus moved towards the most basic products and services related to home and health. Despite reopening, net consumer optimism has decreased, and most consumers continue to expect a long-lasting impact from Covid-19. 
What are the short and long term consequences and how will brands, retail and communication adapt to the new world? This presentation will focus on the most relevant consumer trends of 2020+.

Speaker: Louise Byg Kongsholm is the owner of pej gruppen – Scandinavian trend institute in Denmark and is a trend researcher, keynote speaker and author of several books. She is expert within consumer behaviour, retail and etail, food trends and trend research as a discipline.