OvN/ Oltmans van Niekerk- Future Proofing

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Els van Niekerk of Dutch trend forecast agency OvN/ Oltmans van Niekerk will present Vision 2021. Future-proofingis the process of anticipating the future, analysing the risks and developing solutions. Any future-proof strategy must be aimed to contribute to the sustainable development of our planet. For their Vision 2021 Oltmans van Niekerk has examined the zeitgeist of today and tomorrow, what values are important now and in the coming decade? The Future-proofing presentation zooms in from macro trends to new product development, materials and colours.


About OvN:

Oltmans van Niekerk is a global research and innovation agency that helps companies identify opportunities in today's fast changing world. Oltmans van Niekerk studies, interprets and presents the political, economic, social and technological developments which influence people and their values, their environments, new products and they way businesses work.